The Keturah Collection brand provides quality, fashionable, dressy harnesses that will have your dog looking as stylish as you. Our high quality material and inside lining ensure all our outfits are made to the highest standard and are finished impeccably. Each garment is carefully designed with a patent pending sternum strap. The benefit of the sternum strap is to securely cradle the fur baby in his/her outfit so they cannot wriggle them self out. This unique garment also brings extra safety if you have to pull them up or away from a dangerous situation as you walk them. The full garment distributes any possible pulling on the entire body instead of the neck by a collar.

The Keturah Collection exclusive, stylish, Dressy Harness and Sweater Harness are created to add unique fashion while providing convenience for you and style to our furry sons and daughters we value so much. The Keturah Collection is "A designer line as unique as the name."      By French Designer Khannah Josu√©.

Spring & summer Collection

All of our harnesses are excellent quality and promise to fit your deserving furry son or daughter comfortably. Our harnesses are designed to eliminate pulling without placing pressure on the neck, preventing possible trachea and neck injury for the smaller fur babies. You will walk your dog with comfort, confidence, safety and style!